Millions of men and women battle the personal, social, and professional angst of hair loss. If you suffer with thinning, shedding, or balding, rest assured you are not alone.

We all know that hair loss changes how we look, but it can also affect how we feel about ourselves. Perhaps you’re experiencing a decline in self-esteem or feeling less confident at work or in social situations. Our society identifies the loss of hair with growing older and slowing down. Even though you may not feel those things, how others see you, and how you see yourself, impacts your behavior.

There is hope. Reclaim a sense of youthful confidence and self-esteem by learning more about hair loss and treatment options offered here at Arizona’s locally owned Revolution Hair & Skin Institute.

Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss occurs differently in women than in men. Influential factors may include genetics, stress, thyroid problems, hormonal changes, traction alopecia, and chemical processing. Early diagnosis is critical, as treatment becomes more difficult as hair loss progresses. Learn more about the signs, symptoms and treatment options available for hair loss in women by calling 480-222-0483

Hair Loss in Men

The are several options for treating hair loss in men that we offer here at Revolution Hair & Skin Institute Scottsdale/Tempe: there are prescription medications taken orally, over the counter, compounded, medicated topical solutions, Stem Cell + PRP procedures and laser therapy. There are many factors to consider when deciding on a treatment option. Learn more about the signs, symptoms and treatment options available for hair loss in men at or by calling 480-222-0483

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