Male Pattern Baldness, a condition affecting more than two-thirds of all males, is the result of hormonal changes that cause the hair follicle to shrink and grow at a steadily slower rate. Eventually, growth ceases completely and the hair falls out, usually in a predictable pattern. The vast majority of men in this country have significantly thinning hair by age 50. You’re not alone.
We all know that hair loss changes how we look, but it can also affect how we feel about ourselves. Perhaps you’re experiencing a decline in self-esteem or feeling less confident at work or in social situations. Our society identifies the loss of hair with growing older and slowing down. Even though you may not feel those things, how others see you, and how you see yourself, impacts your behavior. The obvious goal of a hair restoration for men is to create a fuller head of natural-looking hair, but other benefits come with looking younger and feeling better. Both men and women report being more confident in their interpersonal and social relationships. Their business performance often improves. They feel more self-assured, more engaged in life and project a stronger, more positive self-image. With so much at stake, you want a hair therapy you can trust.

Treatment Options for Men

The are several options for treating hair loss in men that we offer here at Revolution Hair & Skin Institute Scottsdale/Tempe: there are prescription medications taken orally, over the counter, compounded, medicated topical solutions, Stem Cell + PRP procedures and laser therapy. There are many factors to consider when deciding on a treatment option. Hair loss medication, such as minoxidil and finasteride, and laser therapy are targeted towards stopping or slowing hair loss and in some cases even reversing hair loss.

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-Level light treatment is available for patients who are suffering from either male or female pattern hair loss. Laser red light is effective in stimulating energizing within the cells of the hair follicle. (LLLT) is believed to increase cell metabolism for thicker, lustrous and more durable hair. Here at Revolution Hair & Skin Institute Scottsdale/Tempe you can use our in-clinic lasers or purchase a Capillus laser here at the clinic with a personalized wearing schedule created just for you.

Stem Cell Therapy Plus PRP for Hair Loss

The stem cell therapy and PRP procedure is pain free, simple and quick.  First, we start by taking a sample of your blood and then spin it down to extract the (PRP) platelet-rich plasma.

Second, we take the PRP and then add stem cells.  Then our nurse injector administers the stem cell + PRP injections into the scalp. The entire procedure is quick, lasting one hour. For best results, we recommend at least two treatments within a three to six-month period.

Finally, there is very little downtime associated with the stem cell + PRP treatment, you can go back to work the same day!

If you’re Interested in trying what so many of our clients are calling a miracle cure for hair loss. Contact one of our professionals here at Revolution Hair & Skin Institute Tempe/Scottsdale or call (480) 222-0483 to find out more about stem cell + PRP therapy.

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