Stem Cell Therapy Plus PRP for Hair Loss

Using Stem Cell Therapy and PRP you can now treat your hair loss without having to break your budget or spend countless hours getting hair transplants. First, when the Stem cells are injected into the scalp, they can reverse the shrinking of your hair follicles.  But what does that mean?  It means they can repair and heal more quickly.  Stem cells possess regenerative properties which can help with a variety of scalp conditions.

Secondly, for those who are dealing with scalp conditions like thinning or shedding hair, or balding due to a variety of different factors, it’s been found that stem cells can now be used within the hair follicles to promote new hair growth. 

Stem cell and PRP therapy is most effective for those that are in the early stages of hair loss. The treatment is also ideal for women who may be thinning or losing hair who also prefer to avoid the countless hours and cost of hair transplants.

How It Works

The stem cell therapy and PRP procedure is pain free, simple and quick.  First, we start by taking a sample of your blood and then spin it down to extract the (PRP) platelet-rich plasma.

Second, we take the PRP and then add stem cells.  Then our nurse injector administers the stem cell + PRP injections into the scalp. The entire procedure is quick, lasting one hour. For best results, we recommend at least two treatments within a three to six-month period.

Finally, there is very little downtime associated with the stem cell + PRP treatment, you can go back to work the same day!

If you’re Interested in trying what so many of our clients are calling a miracle cure for hair loss. Contact one of our professionals here at Revolution Hair & Skin Institute Tempe/Scottsdale or call (480) 222-0483 to find out more about stem cell + PRP therapy.

Before Stem Cell + PRP
After Stem Cell + PRP

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